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White Grass

When I was eighteen years old and pictured how my life would one day be, I never imagined my journey would lead me to this space in time. The place where The Nothing exists alongside The Everything; a sky filled with darkness, and yet, riddled with stars.

On November 26, 2017 I lost two gigantic parts of my universe when my two oldest sons, Deacon and Garrett, were killed in a head on collision while driving back to college at the end of Thanksgiving break. Since that day, my family and I have taken the boys and done our best to sew the fragments of our lives together with strands of light and life that we find along the way. 

We started The Infinity Tree in honor of our boys. Each holiday season, we hope to deliver a touch of their light to other grieving families who have lost a child. The Graceseeker Shoppe opened on November 30, 2021 and is a grief gift shop where a portion of each sale will go towards this mission. 

I welcome you to join us as we navigate this forever journey.  I am not a therapist, counselor, or teacher.  I am not a genius or especially qualified in... anything really. I am only a grief-bearer who is simply offering you a look through the view-finder of my life as I travel this long road.  If you are walking your own difficult path, please know that I am here to walk it with you. 

Thank you for reading, listening, sitting, walking, following, and loving us from next door or across the globe. 

So much love to you,
C. Johnson

Wife to Dan
Mom to Deacon, Garrett, Walker, Ryder and Step-mom to Natalie
Atlanta, GA 


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