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Crystal Johnson:
The Graceseeker

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Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that I have taken a little more than a year off from writing. When the pandemic hit and the world slowed down, I started pumping the brakes on some things, too. One of which was digging deep into my grief. Writing became too hard. I needed a reprieve... so, I gave myself one. 

Fast forward to now. I have been feeling the pull to start my blog back up again and so here I am. I am glad and grateful that you are here, too. 

I decided to bring a few of my previous posts from my old blog with me. Mostly, because I like to see how I, and my grief, evolve over time. The rest we will write together. I believe it's extremely important to show as much of the pure, true journey of grief as is possible. If you are new here, please know that this is not a place where we tiptoe through grief. We are not afraid of the hard. We do not package grief up into pretty packages to deliver on only the cloudless days.

We strip it down.

We stretch it out.

We cry.

We scream.

And yet... we laugh, too. We do our best to find the beauty, kindness, courage, and love. We seek grace.  I hope you'll join us.

Much Love,

The Graceseeker

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