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Tribute to the indomitable, heart-centered spirit of women in art! 


This incredible piece features the self-portrait of artist Artemisia Gentileschi. She is surrounded by lushly painted forest landscapes, birds, and butterflies. Gentileschi was an artistic genius from the 1600's. She was outspoken and brilliant who made a living as an artist during a time when few women did. in a letter to one of her wealthy patrons who questioned her abilities, she famously wrote, "My illustrious lordship, I'll show you what a woman can do."


We think she, and women every where, are simply marvelous.


100% bamboo/wood viscose


Hang to dry

One Size: Wear belted or loose. Additional clothing, optional. 😏


Heartwork Belted Kimono

This item is currently available for Pre-order. Just add to cart and we will get started on it right away!
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