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Step through the looking glas is a loving tribute to Alice in Wonderland. A unique celebration of imagination, wonder, and individuality, this super cool piece features rare flower and foliage photography from the late 1800s with a captivating portrait of Alice Liddell (the girl-turned-woman who inspired Lewis Carroll to write the infamous tale).

The portrait was taken in 1872 by influential photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, who photographed Liddell many times during her life. 

The moon comes from a historic photo taken by the Harvard Observatory, and the star trim on both the kimono and Alice's collar is from a fragment of wallpaper from the same era.

A celebration of women in all seasons of life and the unique wonder we behold. 


100% bamboo.wood viscose


Hang to dry

One Size: Wear belted or open

The Looking Glass Belted Kimono

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