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Cardigan kimonos are a shorter version of our classic kimono. This cardigan took over a year to create. The captivating Tree of Life print was carefully adapted rom an American archival lithograph from 1891. Worn and damaged, the print needed to be repaired to resore its rich colors.

The Tree of Life is a timeless symbol that can be found in almost every culture around the world. It represents connection, growth, hope, and harmony. Its fruits are the fruits of happiness - love, joy, and wonder. A dove, the symbol for peace, nests in the tree's branches. To compliment this stunnnig piece, a 19th century French silk gold and aqua embroidery panel makes up the trim. 


The flattering silhouette falls below the hip and features a removeable belt.


100% bamboo/wood viscose

Machine wash gentle/handwash

Hang to dry

One Size: Wear belted or open

Tree of Life Belted Kimono Cardigan

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