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The Circle

One of the greatest things that we can do in this life is to be the warm light for someone who is trembling in the darkness. 

When the boys left this earth, there were so many people who became that light for our family. One of the "side-effects" of my grief is my memory... or, should I say, my lack of memory. A giant fear of mine is that I will forget to thank one of you, or that I will not convey enough how much we appreciate everything that was (and still is) done for us.

I ask your forgiveness if I do. 

This page is dedicated to my Circle. Our family (both chosen and given) who enveloped us during those early days and who continue to show up in so many ways in our daily lives.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you for sitting with me in the dark.


Thank You

Our Incredible Family

Best of Friends

Danielle Evans

Meghan Fitzgerald

Victoria You

Nikki Primeaux

Jedi Faulkner

Jake Morgan

Jordan Rogers

Nick Seymour

Commander Ron Hojnowski

Jim Hourigan

Paul Lamb

Paris Werner

Alan Beck

Alisha Pagliarulo

Shawn Roberts

Tim Chaffin

Crystal's SCP Health Family

Dan's Naperville Central High Class of '89

Dan's Georgia State University College of Law Family

Walker's Allatoona Orchestra Family

The Extension Family, Daniel Robinson, and Phil Adair

Pamela Billingsley

Allatoona HS JROTC

Allatoona HS Wrestling

Hillgrove HS JROTC

Georgia Southern Alumni

Rusty Parrish

Tim Durden

Brandon Faircloth

Jen Pastiloff

Crystal's Italy Circle

Debbie Petersen Wolven

The Park at Cedarcrest Neighbors

Everyone who donated time, money, and love, love, love.

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