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Forest Sunrays


I remember what the world was like before rainbows lost their colors

and birds would wake each morning with a brand new song.

When laughter filled the hallways in my heart

and promise made it a home.

I remember the days where “I can’t imagine” was true and places inside me were bent

when I was forced to face the pain in another’s eyes.

Afterwards, walking into my less-than-perfect, perfect house and holding my family tight

while that phrase played on repeat in my mind.

I would hammer the dents back into place that those words left behind

to find joy in my blessings and ignorance.

I remember wrestling matches on the living room floor and sarcasm bouncing off the walls

covered in framed movie posters.

Oh, how I loved family movie night under the stars as those posters came alive.

The same stars I look at now

while I try to remember who I was then.

Who I was when the luxury of Time deceived me.

Did you know that Time has lungs? He inhales moments and breathes out regret.

And still, we cling to him.

We allow him to caress our bodies during the day while he betrays us under the cloak of darkness.

The same darkness that is filled with dying stars that burn out before we ever see them.

Is Time a star?

A star in a sea of a million blinking lights that we mindlessly pass by, because

“one day I’ll have… “


- The Graceseeker


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